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What to do when grief sets in...

When the path ends, the journey just begins

It’s hard to explain the depth of grief until you have been there. Tears come and won’t stop. Anger sometimes helps to hide the fear. Avoiding or distracting yourself can be a temporary fix. But it can also close you off from precious memories.

This emotional wound is just as real as a trauma to the soul. The grieving process is important for healing. Eventually, grief can actually help us back on the road to soothing our loss and reconnection.

Waiting and anticipating loss can create fearful experiences.

Common symptoms include: tearfulness, depression, emotional numbness, forgetfulness, fatigue.

You might feel disbelief such as “its not really happening to me”

You might think “things will never be the same or life has no meaning or why did God do this?”

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If you or someone you know has experienced the death of a loved one, understanding and support from others can be invaluable. But sometimes those well meaning intentions of others can be awkward.

Taking time to grieve is important.

Grief is handled differently . Some want to run away or some want ignore it . Or some want to talk about getting you back to things you no longer care about. Friends and family can get uncomfortable with your sadness and grief.

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If you are the caregiver during the end of life, you may experience reactions such as: -feeling overwhelmed, angry, helpless, and isolated. When loss appears, it doesn’t seem to matter how much time you had to prepare…it hurts. Taking time to grieve is important.

Grief can feel like a Roller Coaster…

You will hit rough spots, get frightened and confused about what to do next. Be assured that grieving is normal and you will heal. There will come a time when you will recover your strength, come back to living a fulfilled life.

This doesn’t mean you forget but it does mean you learn to internalize your loss in such a way that you can feel connected and loved.

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