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Are you a caregiver in Fernadina Beach, FL?

When someone you love is ill and you find yourself trying to navigate the stressful path of how to help. It is difficult and challenging to care for the long term effects of chronic physical illness. Levels of dementia can take years to fully evolve, yet care is needed along the way as the needs shift.

Communicating with your loved one becomes stressful. Behaviors become difficult to manage.
The unpredictable nature of these changes creates nervousness and fear. Recognizing these signs as common, can help with feelings of guilt and regret.

Caregiver burnout and stress is common. If you have chosen to be the caretaker, you might need help and support. Your own health and mental stability is essential for you and your loved one. There are many reasons and commitments that can get in the way of the best intentions. There is no shame to making the adjustments when you find yourself stressed or overwhelmed with increasing demands and needing help.

Counseling can assist to understand what to do when the frustration and stress becomes confusing or conflicting. For example, when friends and family question your decisions to keep mom home or bring in daycare, suggesting that you are not doing it right.

There are many layers to caring. Some family members will fit right in while others will be unable . Therapy can help with communicating and building supportive relationships. Call today to find out more.

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