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Retirement, is it everything you thought it would be?

You’ve been making adjustment all your life, that’s exactly how you got this far!

Of course, you want to retire, let go and start a new. That’s what happen when you graduated high school; went into the service; got married, had kids; became “empty nesters” Planning our financial future is common. Planning for the “golden years” can be just as important. It’s the beginning of a whole new chapter in life. This is a transition that can get complicated. Flexibility maybe one of the most important keys. If your work was how you identified yourself, exiting with optimism toward a fulfilling future can be challenging.

The Good News:There’s a whole new face of retirement. What’s giving this energy are the over 70 million baby boomers who are retiring within the decade. 70 is the new 50! Some step into this part of life with the acceptance and looking forward to a lifelong planned adventure, but for some can be painful and embarrassing. When the golden years are not so golden it can be hard to explain to others that think you are living the” good life” now. Depression and anxiety are common. Turning to ways to mask the pain can lead to further complications.

Therapy is powerful in helping you reconnect with all your passions . Uncover quiet thoughts about aging that maybe getting in the way. Learn the techniques that are researched based and used successfully by many. Your unique situation needs careful attention and planning. I invite you to call for a confidential talk: 904-601-1026

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