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Chronic Pain is a ‘funny’ thing is it’s hard to see, there is no blood and, after awhile, you and others expect recovery.

When your body aches and the pain feels unbearable, relief is all you want.

Pain is stressful and it can change significant parts of your life.  Getting angry, sad and even depressed is common. When sleep is disturbed, relationships get strained and work becomes impossible, helplessness can get to the best of us.  After a while you deteriorate into someone you don’t even recognize.

Fear plays a monumental role in managing pain.  The fear of re- injury, the fear of never getting your life back, the fear of things getting worse, all play a part in how recovery happens.

Even the slight hint that “it might be in all in your head” can be heart breaking.  The thought that no one knows how bad it really is, can lead to isolation and abandonment.

Once this point is reached Therapy can be the best intervention.   Therapy provides a safe harbor to ‘unpack’ the angst of your specific situation. Therapy is a safe space, you can unload your pain to discuss your new plan for the future.  

Through specific skills training you can learn coping mechanisms for managing pain. With a blend of problem-solving and retraining the brain to negotiate negative thoughts, you can regain control of your life as you master pain and champion emotions.

Techniques for accepting and adjusting to pain, are real and beneficial.  

One shoe does not fit everyone. Our therapy focuses on your uniqueness, and your strengths will be blended into a plan to meet you where you are today.

I invite you to call, 904-601-1026. It is a privilege to understand your pain.

Suzanne Snider