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You can’t hate yourself happy.
You can’t criticize yourself thin.
You can’t shame yourself wealthy.
Real change begins with self-love and self-care.
— Jessica Ortner

Are you Depressed?

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When we are sad or dissatisfied we usually look for the problem. But with true chronic depression there is no one thing to blame.  It is elusive because of the time it takes to really effect our lives, sap energy, destroy relationships, and develop overwhelming thoughts of despair.

Depression is prolonged feeling of sadness displacement and hopeless despair Feelings that others are better off and even that life is mysteriously lost.

Depression can be a cumulative reaction to a life event that is shocking and overwhelming. It can leave you feeling numb and distracted. This shutting down into depression can be a way for the unconscious part of the brain to protect itself from unwanted emotional fears.

Talk to a professional who can help. Unpack the memories,  the disappointments, rejections of life that surface during these troubled times to help regain your balance.


When we get stuck, and can no longer live a fulfilling life, its time to reach out for help. Depression can begin with one event and spiral into all parts of our lives.

“I woke up one day and I was a divorced man, no longer a husband, or father, lost my friends, and was a stranger , in  what use to be my normal life.”

Loss and rejection come into our lives without an initiation.  Therapy is a place to put new meaning into who you are, and build-up resilience, and strength to move on to the life you deserve.

How therapy works:

Together we will identify those painful surface issues that are important to you.  Then we will look closely into unconscious driving motivations that are not so clear.

This will begin your road to recover the real you, the loving you, the you that wants to live a fully engaged life.

There is relief.  The journey out of depression is about you reconnecting with you.

I invite you to call for a confidential conversation.