Amelia Island Psychology

Additional Services

Specializing in couples’, individual’s and caregivers’ therapy, including panic attacks and PTSD.


Couples Therapy

The bonds of our relationships are tied to both the happiest and the most vulnerable time of our lives. And because of this, when our safety, comfort, or trust is threatened conflict abounds. Some retreat and withdraw, others get nervous and strike out in anger. Repeating the same argument over and over again with only temporary fixes, is common.

Therapy can help couples to hear each other with less judgment, and heal from misunderstandings. The results of this deeply personal journey can help resolve the pain of the emotional distance. This provides emotional room to make decisions about each other and the relationship. I can help you gain new skills that will strengthen your resolve and move forward to the life of your dreams.


Individual Therapy

When everything looks OK on the outside, you’re a success in the community and at work, and your family’s doing well. But on the inside, the feeling of dissatisfaction prevails.

You can’t escape the constant secretive thought of “I’m not good enough.” If old habits keep repeating themselves in different venues, or if what you’ve been doing doesn’t seem to make real changes, therapy can provide the opportunity to make long lasting substantive changes.

It’s time to break the cycle and move forward. Don’t let procrastination, fatigue, or loss of interest prevent you from meeting your goals. Therapy can help you reclaim the parts of you that have been stuck in the cycle of gloom and unhappiness. We will we work together and make a plan.



Caregiver burnout is common. If you have chosen to be the caretaker, you might need help. Your own health and mental stability is essential for you and your loved one. There are many reasons and commitments that can get in the way of the best intentions. There is no shame to making the adjustments when you find yourself stressed or overwhelmed with increasing demands and needing help.

Counseling can assist to understand what to do when the frustration and stress becomes confusing or conflicting. For example, when friends and family question your decisions to keep mom home or bring in daycare, suggesting that you are not doing it right. There are many layers to caring. Some family members will fit right in while others will be unable . Therapy can help with communicating and building supportive relationships. Help is here now. I invite you to call